Sue and Lynn with Esther

Podcast: Mothers and Babies of Uganda

In this episode, Chris Duffy visits with Sue Steen and Lynn Zdechlik, the founders of Birth With Dignity: Mothers and Babies of Uganda. Birth With Dignity is a fiscally sponsored project of Star Legacy Foundation.

The mission of Birth With Dignity is to educate, support, and equip nurses and midwives of Uganda to improve care for patients and families with high risk perinatal needs with the goal of decreasing maternal and neonatal deaths, as well as caring for families with perinatal loss.

While teaching Bethel University Nursing Students in Uganda, Sue and Lynn saw the great needs of mothers and babies in childbirth. They experienced firsthand the great disparity of childbirth care between women in Uganda and women in the western world.  With many years of teaching experience behind them, they decided to embark on a new teaching experience, educating Ugandan midwives and nurses on ways to prevent maternal and newborn death, as well as improving care for families who suffer a perinatal loss. They continue to educate nurses on global standards of care in hopes of saving the lives of moms and babies and support families who experience loss.

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