Lone tree in Uganda. Photo by Sam Balye

Back to Uganda

We are finally going back to Uganda more than a year after we had hoped to be there!  Covid has impacted the world in so many ways and we are fortunate that the impact on our ministry is only a delay in getting back to teach.  Uganda has fared well in the epidemic compared to other African nations and the world, and we praise God that most have been spared.  

Throughout this past year we have maintained our communication with the nursing team at Mbale Regional Hospital and have been encouraged that the maternal deaths from postpartum hemorrhage are significantly decreased and bereavement care has continued for the families who have experienced stillbirth and loss. The Birth with Dignity program has continued there as the nurses teach new nurses and the medical students what has now become the standard of care for moms and families there. 

We have now been asked to expand our teaching on this trip to include new material, other hospitals and universities in Eastern Uganda and bring our teaching to the Western area of Uganda for the first time.  We have many new connections who care deeply about the health of pregnant women and their families.  It is exciting to have flights and a tentative schedule for the first 3 weeks of August and we remain hopeful that we will be on the red soil in 2 months.

As we forge ahead, we remain so appreciative of your interest and support of us, and ultimately, the Ugandan people.  Our families and you have been our partners every step of the way and we feel their prayers and yours on our behalf.  Thank you for your continued confidence that Birth with Dignity is improving the care of mothers and families in a country we love.  We have seen change and we celebrate it with you.

With gratitude as we look to August,

Lynn and Sue

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