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Seeking What’s Next

Before we go to Uganda, Sue and I spend much time planning every detail, packing every last item, and finalizing our itinerary over and over again. We run most of the ideas by our husbands, whether they ask or not (: We laugh that we are pretty sure our husbands are just as excited as we are to get us on the plane so they can return to a moment of peace! 

Upon our arrival home from Uganda this year, Sue and I agreed not to plan for our next trip for many months so we could immerse back into home and work life and be quiet. In the “quiet” we thought and prayed about what our next trip might look like and kept in touch with our team in Mbale to continue supporting them in the work they were doing. 

Now we are really gearing up with future plans and asking God to direct our steps. We believe our next trip should involve traveling throughout the country again to teach more nursing students, nurses and midwives. The team in Mbale has seen a significant decrease in maternal deaths with the continued teaching regarding postpartum hemorrhage on the various obstetrical wards, and more families are receiving much needed bereavement care after perinatal loss. With improved care and a stable Birth with Dignity project in Mbale, it is time to teach in new places. 

We are also considering doing a full day conference for nursing leaders from the various Uganda regions and our initial feedback for this idea has been positive. If we can teach the leaders and also learn from them about their hospitals and the particular needs they have, we may all help families better. 

We would love prayer as we continue to plan. Every success we have had in Uganda has been a surprise to us, not orchestrated and not of our doing. He knows best, He loves the Ugandan people more than we ever could, and His plans are perfect and good. 

Thank you for investing your hearts, minds, and helps into Birth with Dignity. We are so appreciative of your partnership in this endeavor. 

Grateful for you, 

Sue and Lynn

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